Bellis is a community of people who care about adoption and work to provide education and support in a way that uplifts, inspires and heals. Together, they reduce stigma, stereotypes and shame that has for too long been associated with adoption. We invite you to learn more and join!

About Bellis

Founded in 1983, Bellis is a multi-service nonprofit with no political or religious affiliations or agenda. Its volunteers, including birth parents, adopted persons, adoptive parents and adoption social workers, bring adoption education and awareness into schools and communities. The organization also provides peer-based support services, including a healing weekend retreat specifically for birth mothers, as well as ongoing Adoption Connection gatherings for anyone with an adoption experience. Individuals and organizations in more than 50 Minnesota communities rely on Bellis, and its footprint has crossed the border into the St. Croix River Valley.


We Make An Impact!

“Thank you for helping me understand the different sides of adoption. You all are amazing and caring mothers who were thinking about the future of your child. Not all heroes wear capes.”

- Minnesota high school student, after hearing Bellis classroom presentation.


Once you have experienced adoption and have realized that some of the old myths just don’t hold up, it feels good to help others see adoption in a new, more accurate light. This advocacy, and the warmth of the community of volunteers, draws individuals from many adoption perspectives and from many professions.


Please visit the Volunteer Website to navigate through the training process, complete your certification and find opportunities to share your adoption story. We are grateful for your interest in the Bellis Speakers Panel program.

News About Bellis

Adoption Connection

Join us for an evening of adoption connections and conversations. This is an opportunity to gather in discussion, share stories, and gain new perspectives. We start the meeting as a large group, then break into facilitated small-group discussions.



MAY 16, 2017
Join our teams of volunteers that bring adoption education into classrooms! Learn more and register for one of several Speakers Workshops scheduled for 2017/18.



Wow, what an amazing year for Bellis! I am proud, amazed and frankly, a bit tired. While our name has changed (and with it has come new opportunities for branding, messaging, connections, funding and outreach), our purpose has stayed the same. We strive to…



Bellis wouldn't be where it is today without the help of our donors. Your contributions help us visit roughly 125 high school classrooms each year; offer quarterly training workshops for new volunteers; cultivate new partnerships with corporate, nonprofit and faith-based organizations; nurture connections with our friends in the foster care community; host one of the only birth mother retreats in the country and offer bi-monthly meetings for anyone with an adoption experience. Take a minute to watch the video and discover why Bellis depends on people like you.

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