Adoption Support

“You, too?” is a statement we often hear when people with an adoption experience come together to talk. Birth parents, adoptive parents, adopted persons and birth & adoptive grandparents find that common ground with Bellis. With a growing peer-based network, Bellis is a trusted source of support and encouragement.

Adoption Connection

Every other month, Bellis hosts evenings of Adoption Connection, as an opportunity for our volunteers and other members of the adoption community to have dedicated time to connect with each other and share the ups and downs that can be a struggle to understand. Through these gatherings, we’ve seen people come together from all walks of life, with varying perspectives on adoption, connect with each other in meaningful ways. Many have arrived never having talked to another person with a similar experience to their own; many struggle to “name” what they have been feeling.

Adoption Connection meetings are for adoptive parents, birth parents, adopted persons, and birth or adoptive grant parents. We start in a large group format, then break into facilitated small group discussions.

Birth Mothers Retreat

Women who have chosen adoption, whether recently or decades ago, deserve and often need support that they can’t find from their families or community. Our ‘Stronger Together’ weekend retreat offers peer-based support in a nurturing setting. One participant reflected: “This retreat...
woke me up and grounded me back to find myself again. I leave with tools to weave all pieces of my identity back into my life, a way to be more positive, and loving and giving myself permission to be okay…” It is the only weekend retreat for birth mothers in Minnesota, and one of only a few in the country.

Contact Bellis for information about the annual retreat, which takes place in September. While space at the retreat is limited, retreat guests continue to network throughout the year and attend Adoption Connection meetings every other month.

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Redefining Adoption

Once you have experienced adoption and have realized that some of the old myths just don’t hold up, it feels good to help others see adoption in a new, more accurate light. This advocacy, and the warmth of the community of volunteers, draws individuals from many adoption perspectives and from many professions.


More than 100 volunteers have been trained and engaged in our popular classroom representation program. In small teams, they visit classrooms in more than 50 schools in the Twin Cities area With growing demand for our presentations, we are in need of additional speakers. Learn more and get involved in our education program.

We Make An Impact!

"The presenters… destroyed any misconceptions about adoption and empowered the students to use correct terminology while having a better understanding of the process. The presentation fit perfectly to the learning targets of the classroom."

– John Wardlow
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Mound Westonka High School


Bellis wouldn't be where it is today without the help of our donors. Your contributions help us visit roughly 125 high school classrooms each year; offer quarterly training workshops for new volunteers; cultivate new partnerships with corporate, nonprofit and faith-based organizations; nurture connections with our friends in the foster care community; host one of the only birth mother retreats in the country and offer bi-monthly meetings for anyone with an adoption experience. Take a minute to watch the video and discover why Bellis depends on people like you.

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