Speakers Workshops

Join our teams of volunteers that bring adoption education into classrooms! Learn more and register for one of several Speakers Workshops scheduled for 2017/18.

Our presentations, delivered by volunteers with adoption stories and expertise to share, demystify adoption and remove painful stigma. 

Schools seek out Bellis because we have no political or religious agendas. We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any one child placing service. This neutrality is essential to our mission and to our reputation as a trusted resource.

Educators report that these presentations are not only among the most popular with students, but they also effectively meet learning targets in classes such as health, child development, sexual health, interpersonal relationships, and teen survival.

Sometimes people ask us: Everyone loves adoption, right? Why would you need to educate students? Educators know the answer. Generations-old myths, insensitive comments and outdated notions abound in today’s language and can make things difficult for students.

How can you help?

  • Join our volunteer speakers team. Volunteers enjoy a sense of purpose and community, presenting alongside each other in classrooms, when they give voice to the adoption experience in a way that creates positive social change through better understanding and greater support. Training is provided.
  • Encourage educators to contact Bellis to schedule a classroom presentation. Bellis primarily visits high schools in the Twin Cities, suburbs and a few outstate cities